One of the things I love about life as a Journalist is the variety. From one day to the next you could be visiting the Childhood home of legendary writer Edna O'Brien while the next you're covering a natural disaster in some far flung country, or closer to home the latest political faux pas. The opportunity to tell these stories and more is a privilege. 

Here are some examples of Journalistic work I've created or been involved in creating over the past number of years. 

Buildings "subjected to war almost change into organic structures," says painter Brian Maguire of the scenes he witnessed walking the streets of war-torn Aleppo. Maguire sat down with’s Aisling O’ Rourke to discuss his 'Aleppo Paintings' exhibit at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, the ethics surrounding his work and what he hopes its legacy will be.

One man was killed and two others injured in what Irish police are describing as a random street attack. An 18-year-old man from Egypt has been arrested.

The incident happened shortly before 9am on Wednesday in Dundalk, Co Louth, 80km north of the capital, Dublin. The dead man is believed to have been stabbed in the back by the assailant and gardaí (Irish police) confirmed that he is a 24-year-old Japanese national. Read More.

Over the past number of years  I have worked as a Journalist and Presenter for a number of Irish and international media outlets including: Newstalk, Today FM, RT Digital, Radio New Zealand, Village Magazine, 98FM, KCLR 96FM, Midlands 103 and Clare FM.

We skated very close to the edge!
— Life and Times with Mary O' Rourke

Life and Times Midlands 103

During my years at Midlands 103 I had the pleasure of presenting and producing a people in profile series called Life and Times. As part of this I interviewed a variety of guests from all walks of life including politicians, sportstars, Gardaí and a survivor of apartheid South African turned Offaly yoga teacher amongst others. Here are a selection of these stories.